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TFW Events

The Fierce Woman hosts and facilitates an array of workshops, seminars, and social mixers throughout the year. Our goal is to cultivate an environment where women can truly connect and forge long lasting bonds that extend beyond business and the boardroom. 


Our hope is that by providing the access to connect, network, and learn from diverse female leaders in business, media, the arts, and all other industries women will own their power, forge real connections, build together, and take ownership of their development so they can win in both life and business.


Whether an urban professional, creative/influencer, or entrepreneur, The Fierce Woman is committed to building a network of women who are dedicated to working together as partners to enrich the lives of women and revitalize communities everywhere.  

We look forward to seeing you at a future event.

“In my personal experience, the greatest women's empowerment group I've met at events I attended are The Fierce Woman by Nancy Ruffin. It's more like a  huge sisterhood.

Professionals, creatives business owners, just overall dope women who really support and connect. There's workshops, annual meetings, award ceremonies, prayers and social connections. To ME that's empowerment."

— Raygrid Calderon, Entrepreneur/Business Owner, Spiritually Sparkled

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